Apple iPhone 8 Might Feature Wireless Charging from Startup Energous

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Apple iPhone 8

After the iPhone 7, next year?s iPhone 8 is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated smartphone from Apple. Not only will it mark the iPhone?s 10th anniversary, it is also believed that the phone will include massive design improvements. So far, news about display and the body have circulated all over the internet. Now, it is also believed that the iPhone 8 will also sport a wireless charging feature.

A startup company, Energous, who specializes in long range wireless charging has made a deal with chip supplier Dialog. Dialog is also a known semiconductor supplier for Apple and has supplied parts for various Apple products in the past. Because of the partnership, it is now believed that Apple will use Energous? wireless charging technology on the iPhone 8.

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According to Energous? CEO Steve Rizzone, Dialog has invested around $10 million into his company as part of the deal. This deal will give Dialog sole access to all of Energous? technology. Dialog will also be Energous? exclusive supplier on all its components. Meanwhile, Energous is granted access to all of Dialog?s sales and distribution channel.

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Last March 2015, Energous teased the public about its supposed development agreement with Apple. The Cupertino company, at that time, was investigating the possibility of wireless charging on the iPhone. According to Energous, Apple is looking for something that will surpass technology from other companies like Samsung.

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To those who might not know it, Apple is Dialog?s ?biggest client so far. In fact, more than three quarter of its revenue came from orders emanating from Apple and its subsidiaries.

The deal between Dialog and Energous sparked rumors that Apple will use its technology on the next iPhone. This is mainly due to the close connection between Apple and Dialog. However, it is still unclear whether Apple will indeed use Energous long range wireless charging on the iPhone 8.

That being said, with Apple being what it is, it could be working on its own version of wireless charging. The truth of the matter is, the company already hired two design experts from the company uBeam. uBeam offers the same wireless charging capability like Energous.

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Whether Apple uses wireless charging on the iPhone 8 or not, it is still too soon to tell. Perhaps in the coming days, more information about the purported phone will come to light. Until then, all anyone could do now is wait.

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