iPhone 8 Release Could Boost Apple’s Sales, Says Expert

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The iPhone 8 is still months away from its intended release. However, to date, the upcoming Apple device is already generating the much needed hype. There have been reports regarding its purported specifications as to what features it will include. Furthermore, some experts believe that the 10th anniversary iPhone will favor Apple in terms of sales later this year.

A new report from various analysts suggests that the iPhone 8 could re-ignite Apple’s mobile phone market share for 2017. According to the Business Insider, this will persist until the first quarter of 2018 and could bring the iPhone 8 numbers to 86 million.

This new forecast is considerably higher, around 13 percent, than the sales record of the iPhone 6. By the first quarter of 2015, around 75 million iPhone 6 have been sold by Apple. This was brought about by the new design coming from the previous iPhone 5s model. Because of the new design, more consumers opted for the iPhone as they saw tangible changes in comparison to its predecessor. Analysts believe that the iPhone 8 might benefit from the same trend with its rumored top to bottom redesign.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus (via apple.com)

Among the rumored features of the iPhone 8 is the new display design. Much like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the smartphone will feature a dual-edge curved display. Furthermore, this display will be made with AMOLED technology; a complete contrast to the standard IPS LCD of previous models.

In addition to the new screen, the iPhone 8 will also pack a powerhouse of a processor. Rumor has it that it will sport an A11 Fusion chip instead of the A10 Fusion successor, the A10X Fusion. This means that the iPhone 8 will be a cut above the iPhone 7s which will be released along with the former.

Finally, perhaps one of the most hyped feature is the supposed virtual home button. As the rumor goes, Apple will embed the home button within the iPhone 8 display. The company has applied for a number of patents regarding the phone’s home button. In the said patents, Apple outlined the possibility of having the button and the fingerprint scanning function beneath the phone display. This patent application could potentially radicalize the design for the iPhone 8.

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