Apple iPhone 8 Rumors: Apple Working With Synaptics For New Virtual Home Button?

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Synaptics FS9100 Sensor for iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8 rumors point to a new virtual home button to be included in the smartphone made by?Synaptics.

Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles of having an all-screen iPhone 8 is the presence of mechanical interfaces. Parts like the speaker, front camera and especially the buttons do get in the way of the screen. Getting around this problem is probably a top priority at the Apple design headquarters.?

Luckily, Apple is not alone when it comes to furthering the research in sensor technology. Synaptics is also spending time in improving optical fingerprint scanners that could potentially replace the iPhone?s home button. In fact, it just unveiled its latest sensor that fits the bill for Apple?s iPhone 8.

The FS9100 is a specially designed optical fingerprint scanner that features massive improvements from its predecessors. Common or current optical fingerprint scanners are normally bulky and consumes a lot of power. The new fingerprint scanner is none of that.

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Synaptics new sensor can be embedded underneath a sheet of glass with up to 1mm thickness. This feature plus its efficient use of energy makes it so ideal for the upcoming iPhone 8. Unfortunately, like all optical scanners, this one may be susceptible to low-level hacking. Proven techniques like the ?gummy bear hack? can be used to fool the system to read a fingerprint. This technique uses a soft gummy material to pick up the fingerprint and re-apply it to the sensor. The sensor then will not be able to differentiate between the material and the actual human finger. However, Synaptics has assured that with the application of artificial intelligence, this will be averted.

iPhone 7 Home Button

iPhone 7 Home Button (via apple.com)

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Synaptics is known to provide interface devices to major electronic manufacturers like HP, Lenovo and Dell, to name a few. Some of its products include the standard touch pads on most laptops, touch displays, and fingerprint scanners. In the past, the company has been involved with Apple as a provider of the technology used on the iPod?s track wheel. Unfortunately, this does not assure that the company is working directly with Apple. Apple itself is mum on details regarding its suppliers.

Furthermore, Apple has already filed a patent on various ways of scanning for fingerprints across an electronic device like the iPhone. Nevertheless, since the production of the FS9100 will start sometime in the second half of 2017, Apple might still reconsider.

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