iPhone 8 Updates: Release Date, New Pricing, and More

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iPhone 8 updates

It seems like every day that passes increases the risk of anyone hearing anything ridiculous about the iPhone. Yesterday, Ming-Chi Kuo speculated that Apple might push the production of the tenth anniversary iPhone by two months. Now, a somewhat questionable report seems to suggest that Apple might ditch the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus altogether in favor of the iPhone 8.

Rumored iPhone 8 models

According to a report from Chinese tech blog MicGadget, supply chain sources linked with Foxconn are saying the company has received orders from Apple for two iPhone models. What is more interesting, these orders are not for the iPhone 7 upgrade. Instead, the alleged orders are for two models of iPhone 8.

For months now, market experts have been saying that Apple will not be able to release a complete range of iPhones carrying an OLED display. This is mainly due to the fact that as of now, there is a global shortage for the display and will further increase next year and the year after that. That is why it is somewhat ludicrous to think that Apple will be releasing two iPhone 8 models, both with OLED displays as the supply chain will not permit it to be.

There is a chance that the website might have misunderstood that information given to it. It is possible that the orders are for both the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus instead of two iPhone 8 models.

iPhone 8 updates

iPhone 8 concept (via idropnews.com)

New iPhone 8 pricing

There have been a lot of reports saying that the iPhone 8 will cost somewhere north of $1,000. This is due to the new hardware updates that Apple is putting into the phone. However, an analyst from Morgan Stanley says the phone will be somewhere around $750 when released.

The reasoning behind this is that Apple will use the iPhone 8 as a leverage so people will more likely upgrade to the new phone when it comes out. Also, the firm believes that the iPhone 8 will generate more sales just like the trend Apple is having with the iPhone 7 Plus.

On the other hand, analysts from Longbow Research claims that due to Apple’s ever increasing expenditure, the iPhone 8 will still have a slightly premium price. Although, the report claims, it will not go beyond the $1,000 mark like initially predicted. Instead, consumers could be looking at an iPhone 8 priced around $850. It should be noted though that this price is still higher than the Samsung Galaxy S8 which is priced at $720.

iPhone 8 release date

At the moment, the general consensus is that Apple might not launch the iPhone 8 in September. Instead, Apple might need a bit more time sorting out supply bottlenecks as well as manufacturing issues.

Yesterday, known market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities speculated that Apple might push the production of the iPhone by two months. Instead of initial reports of August or September production, it will now be done in October or November. This delay in production could potentially delay the official release of the iPhone 8 until early next year.

iPhone 8 updates

Alleged iPhone 8 dummy by Benjamin Geskin

On the other hand, Nikkei seems to think that Apple might still be able to release the said smartphone this year; with October seen as the earlier possible release date.

The Nikkei somehow contradicts Kuo’s earlier prediction and builds on the report by IHS Market saying Apple will start production of the iPhone 8 in July. According to the IHS Market report, Samsung is still having issues manufacturing the displays that Apple wanted. The display maker originally planned to start production of the display in May. However, due to manufacturing difficulties, it was now pushed by two months.

Once again, readers should note that these are nothing but speculations made by experts in the field. They are, in no way, accurate and should not be used as a basis of facts. However, it should also be noted that some of the speculations, especially the ones made by Kuo, are somewhat reliable if not totally correct at best. Nonetheless, these pronouncements should still be taken with a grain of salt. For more updates on the iPhone 8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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