Rear-Mounted Touch ID Sensor on iPhone 8 Back in the Rumor Mill

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Rear-mounted iPhone 8 Touch ID back in the rumor mill

Just as everyone had been fully sold to the idea of not seeing the Touch ID on the iPhone 8, an old rumor comes to play. This time around, the Internet is abuzz with an alleged metal case for the tenth anniversary iPhone. From the looks of it, it maybe that Apple is taking the route that many Android phones have been doing for the past couple of years.

In the past, there have been countless occasions where an alleged iPhone 8 drawing has surfaced online. At the time, since these are nothing but computer generated images, no paid much attention to them. However, the new leak now is somewhat more substantial.

A set of images that came out from Chinese website Baidu shows what appears to be an iPhone metal case. From what we can gather from the images, the metal case looked like it belongs to the iPhone 8. The orientation of the camera on the upper left corner of the goes with earlier reports about the phone’s camera sensors. However, what strikes as weird is the presence of a hole right below the Apple logo.

Rear-mounted iPhone 8 Touch ID back in the rumor mill

Alleged iPhone 8 case (via baidu.com)

This new images of the iPhone 8’s metal case are inline with earlier reports about the Touch ID sensor being rear mounted.

While this may answer how Apple will resolve the issue of the Touch ID sensor, there are speculations that the case in question is an old one. Some experts believe that this version of the iPhone 8 case belongs to earlier prototype designs used by Apple.

At the moment, there are two very prominent speculations as to how Apple will include a fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 8: with the power button and with in-display sensor. However, the latter is still plagued with issues, according to earlier reports. The rear-mounter Touch ID sensor such as this one maybe the third solution Apple might adopt for the iPhone 8.

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