iPhone 8 To Support AR, Hints Tim Cook

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By now, many would be aware that Apple intends to release a third iPhone model, the iPhone 8, this year. Also, this iPhone model will bring in a lot of design innovations for the brand. However, many now believe that one thing consumers can look forward to from the iPhone 8 is augmented reality or AR.

According to a recent interview with The Independent, Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about what he thinks about AR. He said that just like the iPhone, AR is the next big ticket in terms of technological innovation. He also said that, unlike virtual reality which closes the world out, AR allows users to be present in the world. For Cook, AR presents more avenue to take advantage of than VR.

This is not the first time Cook has discussed his love for AR openly. Back in September, he also mentioned in another interview that could be very influential for Apple. Not only that, the technology could also pave the way for more innovations on future Apple products.

iPhone 8 might feature AR

iPhone AR Concept by Zapp2Photo (via shutterstock.com)

Cook also made it clear that AR could be as big as the iPhone. He feels that like the iPhone, AR is not bound by any demographics, country, or market. He believes that there are a lot of things that can be done with AR. Furthermore, he views AR as a core technology akin to a semiconductor on any mobile device.

Owing to the fact that the Apple CEO continuously rave about the technology, many now believe that it might be featured quite soon. In fact, it is highly probable that the upcoming iPhone 8 will feature augmented reality quite heavily. Given the algorithm, some form of scanning feature for the surrounding and enough processing capabilities, the iPhone 8 can become an AR tool.

The amount of improvements that the technology can offer is uncountable. From guidance, to information retrieval and even for interpersonal communications, AR applications are immeasurable. Nevertheless, an iPhone 8 sporting AR will be quite an impressive thing to have.

It is undeniable that augmented reality is slowly easing its way into mainstream innovations. Many VR companies right now consider the ever growing needs for AR and its endless possibilities. Whether or not Apple decides to include it on the iPhone 8, it is still too soon to tell. Nonetheless, consumers can expect the technology to penetrate more mobile devices in the near future. For more updates on the iPhone 8 and AR, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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