Apple iPhone 8 Specs Update: New Online Article Reveals A11 ARM Processor For iPhone 8

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Apple iphone 8 specs

The current mobile flagship of Apple has received mixed reactions from the consumer. Fortunately, there have been some reports regarding the Apple iPhone 8 specs that could somehow warn the consumer.

Apple iPhone 8 Specs: A11 ARM Processor

According to recent reports, Apple?s next generation A10X processor for the iPad will be the first in production in March 2017. Meanwhile, the A11 processor for the iPhone 8 will be in mass production in the second quarter of the year. It has also been reported that the processing chipset has been designed by TSMC or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

If the reports are proven true, these A11 processors are expected to be a lot faster, as well as more power efficient than the previous models. As a matter of fact, TSMC is ready to invest $16 billion in building new facilities where the chips of the future will be made. In that case, it would greatly help Apple make iPhones much better.

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In other words, Apple will have a TSMC-produced A11 built on 10nm process technology for their upcoming iPhone 8. However, it appears that one of Apple?s arch enemies in the smartphone market will also sport the same technology.

Apple iPhone 8 Specs: Processor Similar To Samsung?s?

Apparently, TSMC?s competitor, namely Samsung, will also manufacture 10nm process technology chips. The said chips will go into Samsung?s Galaxy S8, as well as other top-end mobile devices. However, it appears that both TSMC and Samsung are both facing yield issues which will be tackled below.

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Apple iPhone 8 News: TSMC Facing Yield Issues

Despite both companies? show of confidence, the Taiwanese company is now making claims to the contrary. According to reports, both manufacturers are currently battling yield issues. In fact, it is reported that Samsung is facing production burdens for 10nm process technology.

As a result, Qualcomm?s orders appears to have been suspended. Hence, the US chip company is now looking for alternative manufacturers for production, namely TSMC. However, as stated above, TSMC is not free from yield issues as well.

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date

Reports suggest that Apple is planning to announce three new smartphone models in September next year. Two of the devices are going to be the same iPhone 7 with some changes while the other one is a completely redesigned iPhone 8. On the other hand, the image below shows the rumored design of the upcoming Apple iPhone 8.

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Apple iphone 8 specs Apple iphone 8 specs

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