Apple iPhone 8 Specs & Update: Leaked Documents Reveal New iPhone Features

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iPhone 8 specs

Numerous iPhone 8 specs rumors are making their rounds on the internet as the year 2017 draws near. As a matter of fact, a leaked document is confirming the recent rumors about the upcoming Apple iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8 Specs Rumors: Have Three Variants

According to the leaked manufacturing documents back on Tuesday, it appears that 2017 will bring three iPhone 8 models in the market. One of those three is codenamed ?Ferrari? which is a completely redesigned high-end variant. According to the source of the leak Sina Weibo, three iPhone models are scheduled to be released in 2017 codenamed D20, D21, and D22.

The stated information above does somehow make sense, given that the previous iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were codenamed D10 and D20 during development. Furthermore, a three-model lineup jibes with the rumors that Apple is planning to launch two enhanced edition of iPhone 7 models. These new models are likely to be called iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

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iPhone 8 specs

In addition, a high-end version will also be released alongside the two equipped with exotic never before seen technology. The said high-end model is expected to feature a borderless OLED display, an invisible home button, wireless charging, glass sandwich design, and more. And according to the recent leaks, it has an internal codename ?Ferrari?.

Apple iPhone 8 Specs Rumors: More of Ferrari

Beyond its tempting name, ?Ferrari? is going to be equipped with a large AMOLED panel. It will be crammed into a handset form factor that is similar to the current models. Hence, it would give a near edge-to-edge experience as the document suggest. The leaks appear to be in line with the predictions made by the KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

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Furthermore, reports suggest that the said device is going to be equipped with a substantial internal redesign that breaks the logic board into two discrete parts. It would then be connected via a flex cable. The first board will carry the Ferrari?s operating guts like the NAND flash storage and A11 SoC.

As for the communication package, cellular components and Wi-Fi lives on the second board. Furthermore, the leak suggests that Apple is considering the relocation of the SIM card tray. According to the leak, the SIM card tray is going to be placed toward the bottom of the handset. This will make more room for internal components.

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