Apple iPhone 8 Specs & Update: iPhone 8 To Get Long-Range Wireless Charging?

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Apple iPhone 8 Specs

Long-distance wireless charging has already been the subject of all the rumors in the past. However, it appears that one of Apple?s suppliers has formed some sort of partnership with one of the leading companies in the wireless charging industry. The chances of long-distance wireless charging being added to the?Apple iPhone 8 specs are now rather high.

Apple iPhone 8 Specs: To Revolutionize The Future of Smartphones

According to Apple?s Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook, people shouldn?t expect much from the present iPhone 7 because iPhone 8 is the one to create the real evolution. As a matter of fact, the company is already building and planning to revolutionize the smartphone?s future, says Cook.

According to Apple?s executives including Cook, their estimation, and expectations for the iPhone 8 is really touching the sky. Furthermore, rumors say that the company is working on 10 different iPhone 8 prototypes.

  • Edge to Edge Display
  • 5.5-inch Screen
  • Flexible OLED
  • A11 Chip(10-nanometer)
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • Iris or Facial Scanning
  • Long Distance Wireless Charging

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Apple iPhone 8 Specs

Apple Supplier Partnered With Energous

According to a report from Fast Company, an Apple supplier named Dialog is now partnered with Energous which is a wireless charging company. Just last month, Energous took an investment worth $10 million from the power management chip maker Dialog Semiconductor. However, three-quarters of Dialog?s business belongs to Apple.

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Hence, their investments would certainly affect Apple. In addition, Energous? CEO Steve Rizzone stated that their company is already transferring all of their silicon operations to Dialog. To those who are unfamiliar, Energous has already developed a technology called WattUp RF.

The said technology offers a wireless charging technology that has the ability to charge devices from up to 15-feet away. WattUp uses a transmitter, as well as a receiver to do the job, according to Energous.

Apple iPhone 8 Specs Already Listed Wireless Charging

According to numerous sources, Apple iPhone 8 is really going to feature a wireless charging feature. And now that the company already has its grasps on Energous, iPhone 8 would certainly have it. At the present time, iPhone fans should wait for the official announcement regarding the Apple iPhone 8 Specs.

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