iPhone 8 Rumored With Smart Connector Instead of Wireless Charging; Vertical Dual Camera Might Be in Too

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iPhone 8 rumored to have smart connector

Everyday, it would seem like new rumors about the iPhone 8 are getting more and more outlandish. Just like when Apple was first rumored to forego the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7. Although many would know by now that Apple aims the iPhone 8 to be a revolutionary device, any ludicrous claim about it is not exactly that surprising.

By now, it is not a secret that the tenth anniversary iPhone is said to have wireless charging. However, it would seem that Apple is still sorting out the heat generated by the wireless charging feature. This is perhaps why it is now rumored that the high-end iPhone will include a Smart Connector instead of a full-blown wireless charging module.

Apple Smart Connector features

According to The Verifier, the iPhone 8 will include that elusive Smart Connector, the same connector that was rumored on the iPhone 7 last year. Right now, the only iDevice with the said interface is the iPad Pro. The tablet uses the Smart Connector to charge and communicate with the tablet for various other features like an external keyboard. While there is no question that the iPhone 8 may be able to support this with the Smart Connector, it will also be used for virtual reality or augmented reality applications.

iPhone 8 rumored to have smart connector

iPhone 8 concept by Moh Slah (via youtube.com)

As mentioned, apart from charging the phone, the Smart Connector will also be used for VR or AR applications, with more emphasis on the latter. Apple has been putting a lot of its resources into AR research for the past couple of years. In fact, the company has many a number of startup company acquisitions and companies related to AR in the past few years.

Camera for AR/VR

With respect to AR or VR, there have been a lot of talks lately about how Apple is going to achieve this. Of course, working closely with a number of newly acquired AR/VR companies is one thing. The other thing is the actual hardware of the technology.

As reported many times before, the iPhone 8 will be equipped with a 3D sensor that will not only be used for facial recognition but with AR/VR applications as well. Unfortunately, Apple is still having issues marrying it up with the OLED display due to some difficulties in material bonding.

In addition to the 3D sensor, another important hardware on the iPhone 8 are the rear cameras. According to a Twitter post, it seems that the camera arrangement on the iPhone 8 will be vertical instead of horizontal. While this is not exactly new, it is said that this arrangement will make it easier for the hardware to use the cameras for VR or AR applications.

iPhone 8 release date

With regards to the iPhone 8’s release date, many now believe that it will be much later this year. This is due to reports last week that Apple is still having a number of issues with the assembly, the display being one of them. However, there are still rumors that the phone will go on pre-order the same time the iPhone 7 upgrades are announced.

The iPhone 8 is said to carry one hefty price tag. In all the rumors so far, the upcoming phone is said to be priced somewhere north of $1,000. This is mainly because of all the new features included in the design. Features like the new curved OLED display, 3D facial recognition, and others have added to the price of the phone.

All in all, these bits of information are nothing but rumors. Readers are urged to take these claims with a grain of salt. Apple is yet to release, although very unlikely, an official statement about these claims. For more updates on the iPhone 8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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