iPhone 8 Still Good for September Launch; Report Confirms A11 Chip for iPhone 8

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iPhone 8 still rumored for September launch

For the last couple of weeks or so, there have been numerous reports suggesting that Apple might not be able to release the iPhone 8 this October. According to the said reports, the reason for the delay are some major supply issues from Apple’s component suppliers. Chief of which is the display as well as some important sensors for the phone. Now, a new report claims that production for the phone is well under way and within schedule.

According to Digitimes, majority of Apple’s suppliers are now ramping up the production in preparation for the iPhone 8. The list of suppliers includes Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Zheng Ding Technology, Kinsus Interconnect Technology, and Simplo Technology.

In the said report, substrate-like PCB manufacturers Zheng Deng Technology and Kinsus Interconnect Technology are ready to increase production for PCBs to be used on the iPhone 8. Also, battery maker Simplo Technology has expressed readiness in meeting Apple demands on batteries for this year’s models.

iPhone 8 still rumored for September launch

iPhone 8 concepts (via idropnews.com)

The report also confirmed that the iPhone 8 will sport an A11 ARM SoC that was designed by Apple. Furthermore, it would seem that the production for the substrates needed for the chips will be prepared at the start of June for them to be ready by mid-July.

While various Apple suppliers are now preparing for the increased production rate, other auxiliary Apple contractors are also making the need preparations for the iPhone 8. Companies like Foxxconn Electronics, Winstron, and Pegratron have been reported to have increased its manpower. Also, these companies have been training new workers in China in preparation for the iPhone 8’s mass production.

It would seem like Apple has finalized the design for the tenth anniversary iPhone, or perhaps nearing one. Mass production will start this June until August; in time for the September launch and quite possibly October release. If the timing is right, consumers could be seeing three different iPhone models this year; with the iPhone 8 at the helm. For more updates on the iPhone 8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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