iPhone 8 Rumor Roundup: New Apple Patents, Leaked Photos and More

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iPhone 8 rumor roundup leaked images surface the Internet

Another week has come and gone and as we move a week closer to the iPhone 8 release, more details get revealed. The tenth anniversary iPhone is proving to be one exciting product with which fanatics are religiously keeping an eye on.

The previous week has given Apple fans some glimpse on the technology behind the iPhone 8. While we now prepare ourselves for the next slew of leaks coming this week, here are some of the stuff that you might have missed last week.

WWDC 2017 and iOS 11

Almost every eyes are on Apple right now as it inches closer to the release of the iPhone 8. This coming June, the tech giant is expected to introduce the next version of its mobile operating system; the iOS 11. The introduction is rumoured to be held during the scheduled Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, CA. which will run from the 5th to 9th of June.

According to sources, this new version of iOS is set to introduce a plethora of new features for both the iPad and iPhone. Right now, users have been enjoying the latest version, iOS 10.3.2, which builds up on the switch to 64-bit system for Apple’s mobile devices. iOS 10.3 is said to be the stepping stone for Apple mobile device users into a fully-fledged 64-bit system. It should be noted that some iOS devices will not be able to upgrade to iOS 11 due to massive changes in the filing system; Apple introduced the new APFS starting with iOS 10.3.

New Apple patents

Last week, Patently Apple has reported that Apple was once again granted a number of patent approvals by the US Patent Office. Some of these patents pertain to technologies that might be included in the iPhone 8.

The first patent discusses how Apple plans on achieving a slimmer bezel for its next flagship phone. In the said patent, Apple detailed the use of flexible display panel that will be house in a curved glass assembly that will merge the touch sensor and the display together.

Images of iPhone 8 moulds surface the Internet

Apple patent for TouchID technology (via patentlyapple.com)

Another patent, however, discusses details about the TouchID sensor for the iPhone 8. From the official document, it seems like Apple just added some details on the previous patent application for the same technology. From this version, users will be able to input biometric data without terminating a currently running program. Furthermore, biometric inputs, just like the previous patent, can be done anywhere on the screen.

This new patent somewhat alludes to the idea of an in-display fingerprint scanner, something that has been rumored about the upcoming phone.

New images

Of course, a leak is not complete without an accompanying image. A few weeks ago, there were images leaked of the supposed 3D drawings for the moulds that will be used on the iPhone 8. Now, another set of images surfaced the Internet, this time showing not only the iPhone 8 but the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus as well.

Images of iPhone 8 moulds surface the Internet

Alleged moulds for the iPhone 8 (via weibo.com)

The said images came from popular Chinese micro-blogging website Weibo. While the images do not reveal much about the iPhone 8, it is quite interesting to see the size comparisons between the three iPhones releasing this year.

On the other hand, it is quite clear from one go the images that the iPhone 8 is only slightly bigger than the iPhone 7s. It should be noted though that the former will have a reported 5.8-inch display. The reason for a nearly negligible size increase is the fact that the iPhone 8 will have minimal bezels that will maximize the surface area of the device.

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