iPhone 8 Rumor Roundup: Component Shortage, No Touch ID, New Color and More

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iphone 8 rumor roundup

Rumors and leaks are vital to the success of a product that is to be release to the market. They are what keeps consumers and fans alike informed about the latest and newest gadgets. The same is true for the iPhone 8. Apple fans rely on various rumors that crop up on the Internet regarding the device in question. Unfortunately, last week has not been very good for Apple nor its tenth anniversary iPhone.

The past week has been marred by a series of bad news about the iPhone 8. Some of them are quite disappointing while others are somewhat understandable. However, most of these rumours point to something that has been reported many times in the past.

Component shortage

Perhaps this one does not come as a surprise at all. For more than a year now, the electronics supply chain has been experiencing component supply shortage. Chief of which is the DRAM chip the goes into most electronic devices.

Year after year, DRAM prices have been increasing steadily. This is cause mainly by massive spikes on purchases from mobile device manufacturers. Furthermore, some difficulties in manufacturing do not help the already low supply of DRAM.

According to Digitimes, leading DRAM manufacturer, Micron Technologies, had to scrap 60,000 12-inch silicon wafers due to fabrication issues. This wastage equates to 120,000 units per month production of DRAM chips. Apart from the wastage, the entire production plant was also stopped temporarily to rectify the nitrogen gas supply issue.

In addition to DRAM shortage, the global electronic supply chain may also face massive shortage of OLED displays in the next few years. At the moment, Samsung controls majority of the market share. However, the company is already facing backlogs with its current production capacity.

iPhone 8 rumor roundup

Flexible OLED display from Samsung (via samsung.com)

According to some experts, if Apple decides to push for an all-OLED iPhone line up next year, there might not be enough OLED panels to go around at all. This might lead to highest cost of components thereby affecting the final price of the products themselves.

New iPhone 8 color to be introduced

Known Twitter leaked Benjamin Geskin has once again let loose a major iPhone 8 information, its colors. According to the Geskin, the upcoming iPhone will come in only four colors instead of five. Furthermore, a mirror-like finish will be included in the said color scheme.

iPhone 8 rumor roundup

Image by Benjamin Geskin (via twitter.com)

Unfortunately, much of this information is unsubstantiated at the moment. Geskin claims the news came from his source. And everything was left to that. While he added a photo of what the finish might look like, it should be noted that the image is included is that of an iPhone case.

Wireless charging hardware coming much later

The wireless charging is perhaps one of the biggest deals to ever come with the iPhone 8. The said feature was first rumored on the iPhone 7 months before it was released. Now, most experts believe that Apple will finally include the much awaited feature on the iPhone 8.

Unfortunately, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber claims that the wireless charging feature on the iPhone 8 will not arrive at the same time the phone is released. He also said that the hardware itself will be sold separately, although he did not clarify on how much it will cost. Finally, he also speculated that the wireless charging feature on the iPhone 8 will be released along with the iOS 11.1 release.

No Touch ID but will include 3D facial recognition

Finally, the last bit of bad news on the iPhone 8 is the Touch ID sensor, or lack thereof. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst from KGI Securities, there is a strong chance that Apple might ditch the in-display Touch ID or the Touch ID in general. This claim was based on market research done by Kuo indicating that Apple is still having issues with the new Touch ID technology.

Instead of the standard fingerprint scanner, Apple will include a 3D facial recognition sensor on the iPhone 8. This sensor will be far better the standard facial recognition as it is less likely to be fooled by printed photos. In addition to 3D facial recognition, the iPhone 8 will also include iris scanning hardware similar to some Android phones in the market.

The iPhone 8 is proving to be one of the most highly anticipated smartphones this year. It is just sad that Apple did not have enough time to sort out the Touch ID sensor issue that it is currently having. This neat feature will be the crowning jewel of all the features available on all smartphones in the market. Especially now that Samsung has already ditched the plans for an embedded fingerprint sensor early much earlier.

Having a working in-display fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 8 will show everyone what Apple can really do. As it had been in the past, the company has strived to give only the best to its customers. However, in keeping with the top-notch quality mantra, perhaps it is best not to present something half baked. Maybe by next year, Apple will be able to solve the issues it has been having on the display-embedded Touch ID sensor.

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