iPhone 8 Rumor Roundup: Lightning Port, Rear TouchID, Edge-to-Edge Screen & More

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iPhone 8 rumor roundup

The last couple of weeks the iPhone 8 rumor mill has been busy and chaotic to begin with. Apart from a number of possible new features that the phone might have, there are more reports of contradicting stance. While there have been numerous leaks so far, there are still a lot to be talked about the iPhone 8. Starting with new rumors of an edge-to-edge display that is somehow more similar to the one seen on a Samsung Galaxy S8.

iPhone 8 edge-to-edge display

Since the very beginning, many analysts and market experts have speculated that the iPhone 8 will feature a micro-bezel screen. Although details at the time were a bit murky at best, in the end, it seems like most analysts have agreed that display will span the entire surface area of the rumored phone. Analysts from Bloomberg, KGI Securities and others have given their pieces on how the phone would look like on release.

Now, a new report from JP Morgan discovered by 9to5Mac claims that the iPhone 8 will not have a full-span OLED display that everyone has been talking about. Instead, it will feature a design slightly similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

iPhone 8 rumor roundup

iPhone 8 rumored screen layout (via 9to5Mac.com)

The screen is said to have an almost non-existent bezel on both sides of the panel. However, the top and bottom will be left untouched by the screen for various purposes. On the flip side, the same form factor and OLED display technology remain.

Lightning port all the way

When the AirPods was released last year, many have noticed its weirdly-sized Lightning port connector. A number of experts have chimed in that Apple, at some point, must have considered a USB Type-C instead of a Lightning connector. This rumor was further strengthened by Apple’s sudden change of design on the MacBook Pro 2016, in which it featured the new USB connector type.

Not long after this, some experts have speculated that Apple is still considering the use of a USB Type-C on the iPhone 8 due to its more obvious performance gains. However, a recent report from Apple Insider suggests that Apple will still be using the Lightning port, at least for this year’s iPhone releases.

iPhone 8 rumor roundup

Lightning port vs USB Type-C (via datapro.net)

The article also said that for now, the performance of the Lightning port is not that far compared to a USB Type-C connector. However, it says that the switch to USB Type-C is quite inevitable due to the ever increasing number of devices using it. The iPhone 8 may not have the latest USB type port, but there is a strong likelihood the future iPhone after this year will switch to the said USB version.

AirPods for free

The recent JP Morgan report, as revealed by 9to5Mac, also claims that the iPhone 8 may come with a pair of Apple AirPods for free. While this may sound like a wild-goose chase, perhaps it really is. For one, the current speculated price of the iPhone 8 is well within the initial reports of $1,000. Adding the AirPods on it will be a bit too much.

Even though the report claims it might come for free, but in reality, Apple would want the AirPods covered in its expenses. Furthermore, Apple is currently six weeks behind the shipping of new units of the AirPods. Including the wireless earbuds with the iPhone 8 will create more trouble for Apple in the end.

Bigger battery and wireless charging

In terms of battery, there have been rumors of late that Apple is trying out a new design for a battery assembly. Instead of the usual rectangular-shaped assembly, the one to be used on the iPhone 8 will be L-shaped. This new design is said to give an extra 30 percent more capacity when compared to traditional designs.

iPhone 8 rumor roundup

Apple AirPods (via apple.com)

It should be noted that this is not the first time that an L-shaped design for the iPhone 8 battery was reported. A few months back, KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo has also speculated the said battery for the upcoming iPhone.

In addition to the new battery design, the tenth anniversary iPhone is still said to have wireless charging as reported earlier. However, it is still unclear how this will be achieved if the rumored construction of the iPhone 8 is with stainless steel and glass. Nevertheless, there is a chance that the stainless steel part will be the frame and the glass part is for the backing.

There are various reports suggesting that Apple is still perfecting the design for the wireless charging feature of the iPhone 8. Earlier reports claim that the company is still trying to get over the issue of overheating on the said feature.

Rear-mounted TouchID sensor

On the subject of fingerprint sensing, Hong Kong-based research firm CLSA chimed in and said that it expects the iPhone 8 to have a rear-mounted TouchID sensor. The report also says that current in-display sensing technology is still very juvenile. That is why Apple might opt out of an embedded fingerprint sensor for the iPhone 8, much like Samsung on the Galaxy S8.

iPhone 8 rumor roundup

iPhone 8 rumored design specifications by CLSA (via macrumors.com)

Also from the said report, the said sensor will be placed much lower than the way Samsung did on the Galaxy S8. This location is expected to create less cumbersome usage experience as it is far easier to reach than that of the Galaxy S8.

Improved water proofing for stereo speakers

Finally, the last of the rumors centre on the speaker system of the iPhone 8. Apple has already demonstrated that it can provide speakers that are waterproof, as seen on the Apple Watch Series 2. Rumor has it that Apple will be improving on this technology and bring it to the iPhone 8 as well. According to Mac Rumors, Apple is making improvements on the current speaker design to make it more waterproof. In addition to this, the earpiece will also be enhanced on the iPhone 8. As to what enhancement that will be, the report did not clarify.

The iPhone 8 is still months away from its supposed release. Consumers can expect more outlandish reports on the phone to crop up within the next few months. For more updates on the iPhone 8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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