Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Features, Specs Update: New Apple Smartphone To Come In Red Variant

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iPhone 8 Release

The iPhone 8 is the next big flagship smartphone for Apple. Even though it will not launch until next year, fans are already excited about it as early as now. It appears there is another thing that should make iPhone fans excited as it appears that the upcoming iPhone 8 release will feature a new color variant.

Previously, iPhones only came in simple black and white color variants. Recently though, the Cupertino-based tech giant has made efforts to mix things up by adding more color variations for its iPhones. There have been Rose Gold, Gray, Space Black, Blue iPhones among other variants over the past couple of years. This include this year’s iPhone 7.


Red iPhone 8 to Be Released Next Year

iPhone 8

For next year, it appears that Apple is going to add a brand new color to its iPhone variants. According to Independent UK, there are reports that there will be a red iPhone 8 color variant next year.

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This is the first time that Apple will have a red iPhone color variation. This will surely make Apple fans excited as many of them are always asking for more color variants for the popular smartphone.


The Best Smartphone of 2017?

It’s not as if iPhone fans need even more things to get thrilled about the upcoming iPhone 8. Early rumors indicate that Apple is expected to make a huge design change for the iPhone 8. This includes a possible curved display and the removal of the physical home button.

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Best Smartphone of 2017?

Aside from its looks, the hardware under the hood of the iPhone 8 is also expected to wow iPhone fans. The company is expected to use the blazing-fast A11 processor in addition to ample RAM and internal storage.

The iPhone 8 is not expected to be released until the early or middle of 2017. This means that there is still a lot of time between now and the actual launch. There will likely be more rumors that will pop up about the iPhone 8, so fans should just watch out for more news about the upcoming phone.

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Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on the iPhone 8 release as well as on other great gadgets releasing soon.

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