Apple Reviewing Design Options For iPhone 8 Due To Production Issues

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Apple experiencing delays on iPhone 8 due to production issues

Perhaps one of the most exciting smartphones to come out of Apple is the upcoming iPhone 8. Since the release of the iPhone 8, many Apple fans have been clamoring to get their hands on the tenth anniversary iPhone. However, it looks like Apple is experiencing a series of technical difficulties with the said mobile phone.

According to Apple Insider, the iPhone 8’s curved OLED display is proving to be quite difficult to manufacture. Especially with the fingerprint scanner sensor that is said to be embedded within the display. At the moment, Apple’s main supplier for the sensor is facing technical difficulties in merging the display and the sensor together. This results in a very low yield rate for the display.

According to the same report, the yield rate for the display is so low that Apple is already considering contingency plans. One part of the plan is to unveil the iPhone 8 the same time as the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. However, this will still mean that the phone will arrive at a much later date, as reported earlier.

Apple experiencing delays on iPhone 8 due to production issues

iPhone TouchID sensor (via zshop,vn)

Another idea was to relocate the TouchID sensor to the back of the iPhone 8, something an Android phone user will be used to. Finally, the last plan is to ditch the TouchID sensor altogether and just rely on the facial recognition in terms of security.

While it will be next to impossible to predict which idea Apple would stick to, one can only guess that it will be the first plan; delaying the official release.

While it may seem unlikely, Apple could also relocate the Touch ID sensor at the back. This trend is already common to most premium Android devices anyway. However, the idea of relying mostly on facial recognition is a big gamble.

Unlike fingerprint scanning, a facial recognition feature is easier to circumvent. Even though Apple will be implementing 3D facial recognition on the iPhone 8, the technology is still very new. Apple will need a bit more time and testing to prove that 3D facial recognition is safe and will be able to prevent any hacks from happening. For more updates on the iPhone 8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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