iPhone 8 Rumored to Have Touch ID Sensor on Power Button

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iPhone 8 power button to double as Touch ID sensor

For a few weeks now, experts have been arguing about the iPhone 8’s Touch ID sensor. Many pundits have been saying that there is a chance that Apple might ditch the fingerprint scanner altogether. While others believe that the company still has enough time to sort out the issues plaguing the in-display Touch ID.

While these have been raging on, perhaps far longer than anyone would actually admit, a report ha surfaced. This new one claims that the Touch ID sensor might survive after all, albeit in a slightly different way.

According to Forbes’ Gordon Kelly, the iPhone 8 might still have the much-loved Touch ID sensor. However, instead of having it at the back of the phone or behind the display, it looks like it will be mounted within the power button.

Based on the images that he presented, it would seem that the CAD drawings show that the said button for the iPhone 8 is wider and longer than usual. The power button is actually wide enough to accommodate a slim-sized fingerprint scanner.

iPhone 8 power button to double as Touch ID sensor

iPhone 8 CAD drawing (via forbes.com)

Of course, this is nothing but a hunch. There are no solid proofs to actually support this claim apart from the coincidentally big power button of the CAD drawings. Furthermore, we are not sure where the said drawings came directly from Apple.

On the flip side, this answers the question on what Apple will do about the biometrics hardware of the iPhone 8. For weeks, experts have agreed that as an interim solution, the 3D facial recognition will carry the bulk of the work load. However, there are some, still, who thinks the 3D facial recognition feature of the iPhone 8 will not be ready by the time of release.

It will really be interesting how this bit of story will pan out. Whether or not Apple will repurpose the slightly large power button as a fingerprint sensor, perhaps we will see in the days to come. For more updates on the iPhone 8, be sure to check us out at The Bitbag.

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