Apple iPhone 8 Production to Start in March for September Release

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Apple iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 will be marked as the 10th anniversary iPhone. Not only will it set the phone?s 10 years of existence, but it will also set the bar for the next smartphones to come. A recent report revealed that the production for the upcoming iPhone 8 will start March. This is in line with earlier news that the phone will be released sometime in September.

According to a recent article from Digitimes, the production for the upcoming iPhone 8 is set to start in the next couple of months. Initial production numbers are set at the minimum for the first two months of manufacturing. However, it will then be boosted to almost double by May or June, says the report.

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This could only mean that anyone expecting an iPhone 8 release on March will be sorely disappointed. However, because Apple normally releases a new iPhone between August and October, hoping for a March release is somewhat ludicrous. Nevertheless, Apple fans can be rest assured that there will be an iPhone coming this year.

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black (via apple.com)

Apple?s iPhone 8 will feature one of the best pieces of technology available in the market so far. Top of this features is the rumored edge-to-edge curve display much like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It is also rumored that the next iPhone will sport a dual glass housing instead of the usual all metal case.

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This last feature means good news especially for fans of wireless charging as it may be featured on the?release. With the inclusion of a dual glass housing, it may be possible to also upgrade the iPhone 8?s wireless features. Initial reports suggest that Apple is considering the use of multiple-input, multiple-output wireless modules or MIMO. This new wireless technology will boost the iPhone?s wireless connectivity to speeds around 500 Mbps.

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Of course, a new iPhone 8 will not be complete without a new ARM processor to power it. Rumor has it that the next-gen smartphone will sport an A11 chip instead of the A10X Fusion. This is probably what sets the iPhone 8 apart from the other two iPhones that will be released along with it.

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