A10X Fusion Benchmark Scores Show Promising iPhone 8 A11 Chip

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iPhon3 8 A11 chip shows promising future

With all the new devices released in the market on a regular basis, at least one of them will end up in a benchmark test. Of course, as everyone is familiar with most of Apple’s products, consumers would also want to know how well they perform. And right now, the iPad Pro is getting all the attention as it was just released a few days ago.

One crucial thing to note about the new iPad Pro’s A10X Fusion chip is the fact that it shows promising performance for the iPhone 8’s A11 chip. So far, the chip has shown that it can go head to head with Intel’s line of mobile processors; which are installed on the updated MacBooks.

The first evidence that shows the raw power one might have on the iPhone 8 is the GeekBench score for the A10X Fusion. Yesterday, there were numerous reports showing the impressive score of the new Apple ARM SoC. The chip on the new iPad Pro managed to grab scores of 3832 and 9091 for single and multicore, respectively.

At the moment, the A10X Fusion chip sports a total of six cores per die. Taking this into consideration, if Apple chooses to add two more cores to the A11 chip, consumers could be looking at more than 10000 score on the multicore processing. The 9091 score is impressive enough, but when a multicore score reaches 10000, it is a whole new thing altogether.

iPhon3 8 A11 chip shows promising future

Apple A10X Fusion chip on the new iPad Pro (via apple.com)

Another popular benchmarking tool used by many enthusiasts today is Antutu. This tool is used on almost all mobile devices like a smartphone or a tablet. It can test various features of a device which includes processor and graphics performance.

On the said benchmarking tool, the A10X Fusion scored a total of 234082 points. This is a massive improvement in comparison to the iPhone 7’s A10 Fusion chip which managed a meagre 185494 points. To put this into context, that is a 26-percent increase in performance. Furthermore, when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8, the A10X Fusion is still better by 14 percent.

On the subject of the iPhone 8’s A11 SoC, if Apple decides to keep the 26 percent performance boost, consumers could be looking at an Antutu score close to 300000 points. For more updates on the iPhone 8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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