Apple iPhone 7 Won’t Offer 16GB Variant, Offers 256GB Instead

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Recently, there have been rumors that Apple?s newest smartphone, the iPhone 7, will likely ditch the usual 16GB storage base option to a much higher capacity. This has been suggested by the latest updates and reports from various sources.

However, before this disappoints you take note that along with the iPhone 7, they will also be releasing the iPhone 5se, which will still support 16gb. Sorry to say that we won?t be getting that from the iPhone 7.

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Some famous websites in China and India are somehow claiming that the Elite Smartphone company is planning to skip out on the 16gb variant of the hyped iPhone. According to Technify.com, the phone is expected to have 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and a whopping 256 GB! This is really great news to those people who actually use their phone for a very long time! iPhone fans will no longer have to worry about getting their memory full right away. Take note, the 16gb versions are cheaper and more affordable, so if you expect to get bigger memory, just make sure your wallet is ready. Finally Apple is ready to catch up with the trend of smartphones having huge ROM.

The talked about Apple iPhone 7 is expected to flaunt a better and more curved design that excludes the headphone jack and features dual speakers instead. The smartphone is also expected to sport an OLED display, 2GB of RAM and is powered by a very powerful A9 processor. The leaks on the iPhone 7 are quite unreliable but we will be posting them as soon as we have them. We hope to see more improvements though, as Apple is very notorious for not really changing a lot of things with their design.

Samsung is already working on ?a memory chip with pretty much the same capacity so let?s see how that turns out. We will wait and see if iPhone 7 will be able to beat the Galaxy Note 6


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