Apple iPhone 7 Will ?Disappoint? Says Analyst Ahead of September Release; No Radical Change Expected

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Analysts predict that the Apple?s iPhone 7 lineup will disappoint upon release. It is a known fact that the iPhone sales have declined significantly in not one, but two consecutive quarters. This decline stands out especially because the iPhone 6 series did very well for the company, breaking all the records set before.

This year?s unprecedented decline in sales is keeping the Wall Street worried. The director of institutional sales at Stuart Frankel, Steve Grasso, had some strong words for the tech giant when speaking to?CNBC. He reportedly said, ?Apple shares are a poor investment choice right now.? He further added that Apple is going to “underperform perpetually.”

This comment comes even after Apple’s stock soared up relatively after the tech giant reported the third quarter earnings. According to Grasso, since the entire world is looking for the upcoming iPhone 7, it?s going to disappoint. Nevertheless, his view is not entirely different from the rest.

For instance, the ever-reliable KGI securities Ming-Chi Kuo analyst predicted this last year, that Apple?s next-generation iPhone 7 will not come with any radical design change and thereby, it might disappoint as the expectations surrounding iPhones in general are sky-high.

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According to?the Mobile Web Intelligence Report, which makes use of web traffic to analyze the popularity, Apple lost significant web traffic in 18 out of 20 countries. This report is based on the information gathered between Q2 2015 and Q2 2016.

To be specific, the U.S. web traffic share reportedly sank 4 percent, while it waned 6 percent in Germany. However, the big decline came from the U.K. with a whopping 10 percent.

At the same time, Android has been doing well. For instance, Samsung’s traffic share in 18 out of 20 countries (in a total of four quarters that ended with Q2 2016) increased, unlike Apple. France, South Africa, Canada, the U.K. and Australia reportedly saw a 10 percent surge.

In any case, the silver lining is that Apple?s iPhone SE, the 4-inch compact device, did well in Canada, France, Japan, the U.K. and the U.S. with above 20 percent web traffic share.

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