Apple iPhone 7 Rumors: Clickable Capacitive Button To Make A Comeback Replacing Home Button?

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?Another day, another rumor? ? is what comes to our minds when we hear interesting-but-wild rumors. It?s a known fact that the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 will not come with any radical design change, except for the internal configurations upgradation and a?relatively slimmer profile. But now, a new report from Japan says the iPhone 6s successor?s home button will go through a dramatic makeover.

Apple is rumored to be replacing the ?physical home button? (where the embedded Touch ID/fingerprint scanner exists) with a ?capacitive button? in the iPhone 7. This capacitive button will reportedly give the device users the feel of clicking an actual button, much like the trackpad usage seen in the recent MacBook variants.

To achieve this, Apple has reportedly made use of a ?set of electromagnets.? The vibration apparently creates the clicking sensation. This news comes from Japan’s notable tech portal and tipster website?Macotakara, which has a pretty good record of predicting Apple-related news in the past.

In case this report comes true, where will the Touch ID go? Is Apple getting rid of the Touch ID/Fingerprint scanner and opt for the rumored Iris scanner? Or, will it move the Touch ID to a different location? We do not have any official confirmation but the expectation is that Apple might move the scanner from the home button to the screen instead.

iPhone 7 (Representational Image)

iPhone 7 (Representational Image)

Based on the past rumors, cited by?Phone Arena, a small part of the display unit will be taken over by the Touch ID. This will allow the iPhone 7 user to tap on the allotted portion on the display to get authenticated using their fingerprints. To be specific, the Touch ID module will be embedded right below the allotted screen space.

The migration of the Touch ID from the home button to the display will also allow Apple to get an almost-bezel-free display, which gives the look of an edge-to-edge screen.

Apart from this, many reports stated that the?3.5-mm headphone jack will not be part of the iPhone 7. Instead, Apple could toss in Bluetooth earpods as part of the device bundle.

We are also hearing the existence of a dual camera setup in the bigger variant, the iPhone 7 Pro. To top it all off, the white antenna lines crossing the back panel have been relocated to the top and bottom edges of the smartphone, giving it a refined, clean look.

Furthermore, the Apple iPhone 7 release date has been reported as?September 12.

However, readers are advised to take this report with the proverbial pinch of salt as Apple has not confirmed any information so far.


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