Apple iPhone 7 Release Rumors: 3 iPhones Planned, but Only 2 Set for Launch in September

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iPhone 7 Pro
iPhone 7 Pro

As it turns out, Apple will reportedly be releasing only?two iPhone 7 variants this year. Past rumors, however, suggested that there are three versions in the offing and they are the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 Pro.

Apart from the flagship, the other two variants were supposed to be bigger and come equipped with better configurations. And, most importantly, the ?Pro? model was believed to come with a dual-camera setup.

But then, according to?Nikkei Asian Report, Apple planned three iPhone models for 2016. Not to forget, the umpteen leaked photos of the trio smiling for the cameras. However, the latest shocking decline in sales for two consecutive quarters reportedly triggered the change in plan. Therefore, Apple fans should expect only two iPhones this year.

Like many of us, if you were thinking Apple might have scrapped the ?iPhone 7 Pro,? which is supposed to come with a dual-camera setup, the truth couldn?t be any farther. Apparently, the tech giant has ditched the ?iPhone 7 Plus? instead. This means the dual-camera setup rumors are still alive, although we will know the entire story only on the iPhone 7 release date set in September.

iPhone 7

Phone Arena, meanwhile, says Apple might rename the iPhone 7 Pro to 7 Plus so as to keep the names consistent. In any case, readers should note that Apple has not confirmed this information thus far.

On a related note, during a CNBC TV session, analyst Steve Grasso noted that the?Apple iPhone 7 will ?disappoint? this year. He quoted the quarter results as a reason. Plus, the competition from Android is also one of the main reasons as Samsung is doing very well across the globe, thanks mainly to the Galaxy S7 lineup and the latest?Galaxy Note 7.


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