Apple iPhone 7, 7 Plus Release Rumors: 3GB RAM, New Blue Color, Smart Connector & Dual Camera Tipped

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A new report says?Apple?s iPhone 7 series might get 3GB of RAM instead of the company standard 2GB. At the same time, high-end Android devices will apparently get 6GB of RAM in the future. This year, Android OEMs are opting for 4GB. However, the OnePlus 3 is an exception as it comes housed with 6GB of RAM already.

According to the reliable?DigiTimes, the upcoming iPhone 7, also referred by some sources as the iPhone 6SE, might come backed by a 3GB of RAM. This news sounds possible because Apple is not planning to opt for any radical design changes in the next-generation device. Hence, it makes sense to upgrade the internal configurations.

The report also says the RAM improvement can be expected in the high-end models of the iPhone. Past rumors suggested that there are three variants earmarked for this year ? the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 Pro.

While one of the reports said the Pro version doesn?t exist, a slew of leaked photos confirmed that Apple is indeed working on three variants. Therefore, it is safe to assume that perhaps the Plus and Pro variants might get the 3GB of RAM.

Apart from the RAM configuration, Unbox Therapy is back with a new mockup video of the?iPhone 7 Plus. The device shown in the video has a blue exterior, the new color?Apple has been rumored to be working on.

There is a dual camera setup at the back of the handset, with two 12MP sensors. While one of them will support OIS, the other reportedly offers optical zooming capabilities. Similar to the rumors we have heard and seen before, the white antenna lines have been relocated to the top and bottom edges of the iPhone. And, have no doubts, the 3.5mm headphone jack has been removed.

The iPhone 7 Plus mockup also shows the Smart Connector. This feature is used to connect a Smart Keyboard to the device wirelessly. This connector was last seen in the Apple iPad Pro.

Here?s the video showing the Apple iPhone 7 Plus mockup: (Video Credit: YouTube/Unbox Therapy)

Moreover, the iPhone 7 release date is reportedly set for September. And, as always, readers should note that Apple has not confirmed any of the iPhone 7 specifications thus far.


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