Apple iPhone 6s Battery Shutdown Problem: Apple Recalls iPhone 6s Handsets Due to Safety Issue?

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Apple iPhone 6s

Looks like Samsung isn?t the only one having problems with their smartphones. Apparently, there’s battery problem in the?Apple?iPhone 6s too. Good news is, it?s not exploding.

South Korea Conducts Investigation on Apple?s iPhone

iPhone users had been complaining about the Apple iPhone 6s battery shutdown problem. Though it doesn?t cause any hazards like the Samsung S7 Edge, the problem is still causing distress to iPhone users.

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Despite having full battery, the iPhones were reported to randomly shut down. Last Wednesday, the industrial standardization bureau of South Korea stated that they are planning to conduct an investigation on the Apple?s iPhone handsets.

According to Korean Herald, numerous users of the iPhone 6s said that their Apple handsets exploded. But the issue remains to be under observation.

Apple iPhone 6s

On the other hand, The Korean Agency for Technology and Standards, also known as KATS, assured the users that they will take time to investigate what has been causing the problem. The users will also be advised if the agency finds out that the problem might escalate into a bigger safety issue.

Furthermore, Apple Inc. said that there?s only a small percentage of their products which were reported to be malfunctioning. The company also cleared that the handset is not at all hazardous to users.

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Earlier in September 2015, the same Apple devices were reported to have battery malfunctions. The company immediately responded to the complaints by issuing a battery replacement that is free of charge.

The Cause of the Apple iPhone 6s Battery Shutdown Problem

Apple Inc.?s Chinese website revealed that the iPhone 6s battery shutdown problem was caused by some batteries being overexposed to ?controlled ambient air.? The company believes that the exposure of the batteries was the reason why the battery decreases faster than usual.

With this, Apple continues to replace malfunctioning batteries, as long as it has a valid serial number that tells if it?s subject for replacement.

Rest assured, Apple iPhone 6s users can continue using their handsets without feeling troubled. Check out The Bitbag for more iPhone 6s updates!

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