Apple iPhone 2019 Will Have In-house ARM and GPU Architectures

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Apple iPhone 2019 will have in-house GPU architecture

Early last March, Digitimes reported that Apple principal chip supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company or TSMC is targeting to start production of its 5nm chips in 2019. This news sparked rumors that iPhones released during that time will have a chip made from the same process node. Now, a new report seems to suggest that Apple will also introduce its own GPU architecture for the future iPhone 2019 edition.

According to a recent press release by Imagination, Apple will cease its licensing agreement with the company within two years. This means that Apple will no longer be using Imagination’s PowerVR GPU architecture for its upcoming iPhone and iPad moving forward. The press release also mentioned that Apple is striving to be a lot more independent by implementing an in-house GPU design team.

This move, to say the least, is a bit too risky on Apple’s part. For one, it will be very difficult for the company not to infringe any of the existing intellectual property rights that Imagination owns on Apple’s current devices. Furthermore, this is a huge undertaking since it is not exactly an easy task to come up with a totally new GPU architecture from scratch.

Apple iPhone 2019 will have in-house GPU architecture

iPhone 8 concept (via yahoo.com)

On the other hand, Apple will have about 15 to 24 months to achieve this endeavour. By then, the Cupertino giant would probably be in the market for the iPhone 2019 or perhaps another version of the iPad.

At this point, it is still too soon to say if Apple will succeed in its plans to cut ties with Imagination. However, the former has been known to go out of its way when it comes to its own technology. Case in point, the Lightning Port on current iPhones and iPads.

All in all, it seems that Apple is reducing its reliance on third-party technology providers and choosing in-house research instead. This is quite a smart move since Apple will have complete control on what it wants and can do for its product development. For more updates on iPhone 2019, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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