Apple iPhone 8 Will Cost More Than $1000; Might be Called iPhone X – Report

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iPhone 8 will cost more than $1000 on release according to a report from Fast Company

Over the years, consumers have seen prices of general electronic gadgets rise like crazy. Right now, the top-tier iPhone 7 can cost anyone more than $900 on a brand new unit. However, there is a new report that the rumored iPhone 8 will cost even more than that. Furthermore, rumor has it that Apple intends to call the iPhone 8 by a different name.

According to Fast Company, the iPhone 8 will most likely cost more than $1000 on release. The main reason for this is mainly Apple’s rumored switch to OLED display panels. Furthermore, compared to the current 256GB iPhone 7 Plus, the price increase is not really that surprising. In addition to the possibly ridiculous pricing, the report also mentioned that Apple might call the next iPhone as iPhone X instead.

So far, a lot of rumors point to the idea that Apple will use an OLED display on the iPhone 8. This display will be around 5.8 inches in size and will have curved edges. The home button will be embedded beneath the display panel including its haptic feedback mechanism. In addition to the new display, the iPhone 8 is also said to feature facial recognition in conjunction with the fingerprint scanner.

iPhone 8 said to cost more than $1000 on release

iPhone 8 concept (via youtube.com)

According to earlier reports, Apple considered having an iris scanner to come with iPhone 8’s fingerprint sensor. However, the company wanted to take security to the next level that is why it is now considering facial recognition. That being said, this does not mean that Apple will be relying much of its mobile security to facial recognition. This is due to the fact that this technology still has a lot to improve on.

Rumor has it that Apple intends to release that premium iPhone along with the upcoming iPhone 7s. This is despite news that Apple is already ahead of production schedule for the iPhone. Nevertheless, consumers should expect the new smartphone lineup to appear sometime in September this year. At the moment, Apple is reportedly pushing for a late 2017 release of its next flagship phone.

Whether or not the iPhone 8 will cost more than $1000, that is still to be determined. At the moment, knowing that the iPhone 8 will be a premium phone from Apple, consumers can already expect to pay more for it. After all, the current top-tier iPhone 7 already costs as much as the projected iPhone 8 price. For more updates on the iPhone 8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag,

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