iPad Pro 2017: New iPad Pro Shows Impressive Multicore Score on GeekBench

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iPad Pro GeekBench score hits 9000

It has been customary for enthusiasts to test new devices with various types of benchmarking apps. One of the most used benchmarking app on the Internet is GeekBench. Over the years, this has been the go-to app for people who want to know just how great their new device is. Of course, all of the anticipation for the new iPad Pro will be for naught without the much needed GeekBench test.

Many would know by now that Apple just released the new iPad Pro a few days ago. Well, it seems like one excited users finally got his hands on some of Apple’s keynote samples and ran a GeekBench test on it.

Based on the results from the benchmarking tool, the iPad Pro registered an impressive 3832 points on single-core processing. What is even more impressive is the multicore score of 9091.

To put that in perspective, the iPhone 7 Plus running on iOS 10.1.1 garnered a single core score of 3408, slightly less than the iPad Pro. Meanwhile, the performance gap is more evident with multicore score of the iPhone 7 Plus. The smartphone managed to get only 5702 points. Compared to the new tablet, that is around 60 percent of performance increase.

iPad Pro GeekBench score hits 9000

iPad Pro GeekBench result (via

This sudden spike on multicore processing has a lot to do with two additional cores of the new Apple A10X Fusion chip. Compared to the older A10 Fusion, the new Apple ARM SoC packs a total of six cores per die.

Another interesting bit about the benchmark result is the fact that the new iPad Pro now has 4GB of RAM. This is also an update compared to the previous model of the tablet.

The new iPad Pro is yet to wow many consumers when it finally ships sometime next week. So far, Apple has devoted quite a lot of attention in improving the user experience on the tablet. Now, the new iPad Pro is becoming more and more powerful and quite a match for some of the mid-range laptops. In fact, the new tablet is even more powerful than the m7 version of the MacBook.

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