iPad Pro 2 Specs, Features Update: Tablet to Skip A10X For A11X?

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iPad Pro 2 specs and features are the focus of attention?because of the ever growing popularity of Microsoft?s Surface Pro devices as Apple is finding it harder to sell the iPad Pro. Sporting a full-fledged Intel i7 processor makes it perform way better than Apple?s mainstream professional tablet. Due to this, rumor has it that Apple will skip the A10X altogether and use the A11X on the iPad Pro 2.

When compared even to an m3 Intel chip, the current A10 on the iPhone 7 still lags in performance. The A10 Fusion chip was registered at 3302 and 5367 on both single- and multi-core processing, respectively. Meanwhile, the measly m3 chip got a decent 3677 on single-core and 6983 on multi-core processing.

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The disparity is enough to sway even a run-of-the-mill consumer who wants the best device for their money. Even more so, when compared with an i7 processor, the ARM-based chip seemed a lot more childish.

A10 Fusion

Apple A10 Fusion Processor (via

In order to keep up, Apple would have to do a considerable amount of spec improvement. Otherwise, it may risk losing customers due to the inability to provide good value for money. And what better way of doing so than by making sure that the next iPad Pro processor can actually perform.

The only problem is, even though Apple has performance in mind when it comes to design, it is also limited by battery life. Much of its marketing lately has been focused on how long its device will last in continuous use.

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Right now, the only logical solution is to skip the A10 or A10X chip altogether and go for the next in line. Although nothing much is known about the future A11X chip, it is highly probable that it will feature massive performance boost. Instead of the Fusion architecture that the A10 uses, it might even have complete use of the all four cores at the same time.

For those who do not know, the reason why the A10 Fusion is called as such is because of how it operates. The A10 Fusion has a total of four cores per die. However, only two of those cores are active at any one time. This is based on the severity of the task being performed by the processor. This is also the reason why the chip registers as two cores on benchmarking applications.

Whether it will be an A10X or an A11X, one this is indeed certain. Apple needs to step its game up in order to remain relevant.

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