Apple iPad Pro 2 Specs, Release Date: Apple Will Unveil the iPad Pro 2 with iPhone 8

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Apple iPad Pro 2

There have been many rumors that Apple will introduce the iPad Pro 2 as early as March of 2017. Some even say that it will happen during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. However, a recent article sheds some light on what could be the possible release date for the much awaited Apple tablet.

According to Chinese blog MyDrivers, there stands a chance that Apple might release the iPad Pro 2 in September 2017. This is based on reports suggesting that Apple chip supplier, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), is experiencing some difficulties manufacturing Apple?s next generation processors. According to the report, TSMC is having yield issues in the manufacture of the 10nm technology chips.

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The report further stated that the orders are now back-logged and delays are to be expected in the production line. According to the original plans, the mass production of the A10X chip should start some time on March 2017. However, due to yield issues, the manufacturing date of the chip that will power the iPad Pro 2 has been pushed farther. This could mean that possible product releases from Apple is totally out of the question. Moreover, this will also mean that the iPad Pro 2 may not make it to the purported March 2017 release.

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The iPad Pro 2 is rumored to be sporting the upcoming A10X ARM chip from Apple. Just like the iPhone 7?s A10 processor, the A10X will have the same quad-core design package. However, since it will be built on the 10nm process, it will be more efficient and powerful than its predecessor.

Consumers can expect great performance boost in the upcoming iPad Pro 2. Apart from new internal hardware, it is also rumored to sport a virtual home button. This virtual home button will be embedded underneath the display screen and also feature a fingerprint scanning sensor. Furthermore, Apple will introduce a bezel-free iPad Pro, the one with a screen size of 10.9 inches, next year.

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Whether or not the delay mentioned by MyDrivers happens, Apple fans can still expect the iPad Pro 2 next year, albeit, delayed. Nonetheless, consumers can expect great things from the upcoming tablet on its release.

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