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Apple iPad Pro 2

There have been many reports of the iPad Pro 2 as of late. The latest rumors suggest that the high-end tablet from Apple will be released in three different models. Now, a latest report from Ming-Chi Kuo, reveals that the iPad Pro 2 will come at the second quarter of 2017.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a financial analyst from KGI Securities, released a statement lately pertaining to the upcoming tablet from Apple. In a report by Mac Rumors, the analyst said that the third iPad Pro, the 10-inch model, is still to be decided by Apple. Until now, it is still unclear if the tablet will be released at all.

However, in the event that it will see the light of day, it is said that the 10-inch version can have a screen size as big as 10.0 inches. Furthermore, the form factor will not be affected as it will assume the same 9.7-inch form factor.

Apple iPad Pro

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This would mean that, although the screen is bigger, the new tablet will feature a micro-bezel screen design. This would also imply that because of the new display design, the iPad Pro 2 version will target high-end users.

Kuo also discussed the fate of the smaller 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Although he said that it will also be released along with the other models, he did mention that it will not get an upgrade. Unfortunately, this is where the report gets a bit muddy.

Kuo stated that the 9.7-inch iPad Pro 2 will be equipped with an A9 ARM chip to be made by Samsung. This statement is a bit confusing since the current iPad Pro is already powered by an A9X chip from TSMC. Going to an A9 is clearly a downgrade instead of an upgrade.

Nevertheless, it is wise to not put much faith on this report as it is merely a prediction made by analysts. This initial report is bound to change in the coming days. Furthermore, at the end of the day, it will still be Apple’s prerogative on what the iPad Pro 2 will be.

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