iPad Pro 2 Release, Specs & Features: Tablet May Come With Keyboard Drawer [Leak]

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Apple may be facing tough competition on next year?s tablet market. With the impending release of Microsoft?s Surface Pro 5, it may face tougher sales as many begin to realize the Surface Pro?s potentials. According to the Microsoft blog, more and more people are switching to the Surface Pro by the day. Some even preferring Microsoft?s tablet in comparison to the MacBook Pro 2016. Because of this, Apple would need to find a new avenue to explore when it comes to the iPad Pro 2.

By offering the usual hardware upgrade with the same style and features, Apple is not doing itself a favor. In fact, many consumers are now finding Apple?s products boring and lack inspiration. What the tech giant needs is a plausible and marketable design feature for the upcoming iPad Pro 2.

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Rumor has it that the upcoming tablet from Apple will feature a built-in keyboard; very much unlike its predecessor. Instead of having the keyboard as a separate hardware, Apple, it seems, is planning to have it fully integrated. While this may sound weird to some, it is probably a welcomed addition to the tablet.

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A recent post from Chinese micro-blogging site, Weibo, indicates that an aluminium shell is spotted from one of Apple?s suppliers. According to the said post, this chassis has a sort of cavitation that alludes having a built-in keyboard. While this sort of rumor should be taken with a grain of salt, perhaps there is still some truth to it.

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A few weeks ago, Japanese blogging site, Macotakara, reported that the iPad Pro 2 will be thicker than its predecessor. In fact, the blog even said that it will be thicker by three millimeters. This report is somewhat aligning itself with the newer leak about the in-built keyboard. If the chassis includes a keyboard in it, it does seem plausible that it will be thicker than usual. However, as mentioned earlier, these are just rumors. Nevertheless, rumors from sources like Macotakara sometimes come true, as shown by its leaks for the iPhone 7?s earphone jack-less design.

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Whether these rumors are true or not, only time will tell. In a few months, Apple may be releasing the iPad Pro 2 in the market. If all goes well, consumers maybe seeing their favourite tablet with an in-built keyboard right out of the box. Until then, all that can be done is to wait for its impending release.

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