Apple iPad Mini 5 Release Date News & Update: March 2017 Possible Launch Date

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Apple iPad Mini 5

Apple normally releases a new tablet at the same time it releases a new phone. Unfortunately, that day has already come and gone. Last September’s iPhone 7 event centered mostly on the said phone and it alone. No mention of the rumored iPad Mini 5. When the October MacBook Pro event came and went, still no update on the mini Apple tablet. Now, people are asking as to when exactly is the Cupertino company releasing the iPad Mini 5.

According to Mac World, for the past couple of years, Apple has also been doing product releases in March. Back in 2015, it used the March event to launch the new Macs and the Apple Watch. Last year, Apple used the same March event to unveil the iPhone SE, the iPad Pro and the iOS 9.3.

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With those in mind, many are now speculating that Apple intends to release a big batch of new products this March. Included in this is the iPad Mini 5, or what is now called as the iPad Mini Pro.

Apple iPad Mini 4

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For months now, rumors of the name change have been running around all over the internet. Experts and analysts believe that Apple will eventually phase out the Mini line of tablets in favour of the Pro. Rumor has it that the tech giant will repackage the iPad Mini 5 into a much better mini tablet, the iPad Mini Pro.

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In line with this, the company is also rumored to release an additional iPad Pro model, the 10.9-inch iPad Pro. This will eventually bring the entire iPad Pro line to four distinct models targeting different types of consumers.

There had been talks that Apple is aiming to standardize its product line starting in 2017. This means that the iPad Pro line will see the same internal hardware specs with only minor differences in screen sizes.

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This could also mean that the iPad Mini 5 or iPad Mini Pro might include a fingerprint reader like its bigger brothers. In addition to this, there is also a chance that the iPad Pro Mini will feature the iconic True Tone display.

The year has barely started, however, in a few months, fans could be looking at new iPad tablets from Apple. The grand unveiling could take place in March this year.

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