Apple iPad Mini 5 News: iPad Pro Mini to be Unveiled Along With iPhone 7?

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Apple iPad Mini 5 coming this year too??Rumors speculate that Apple?s iPad Mini 5 would be released along with the updated version of iPhone. There are also rumors about Apple overhauling the specifications and design of the new iPad Mini 5 and iPad Air 3.

iPad Mini 5 to Launch Alongside iPhone 7?

Apple fans are expecting the long-awaited announcement and the unveiling of the new iPhone 7 next month. However, some fans aren?t interested in the upcoming iPhone. Instead, they are more excited about the new iPad Mini 5.

There are also rumors about Apple?s plan to rename the iPad Mini 5 to iPad Pro Mini. However, these are just rumors speculated by various individuals around the internet. There is no current leaks or teasers about the iPad Mini 5.

However, if history would be the basis, the said device would have a similar look to its predecessors. Experts suggest that there would only be a few changes that differentiate the iPad Mini 5 to its predecessors.

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It is also expected to be smaller in size. Unfortunately, for the fans who are waiting for the Apple?s iPad Mini 5 may wait a little more longer. Apple is currently focusing on perfecting their upcoming smartphone, iPhone 7.

Apple fans can still shift their interest and focus on other products of Apple. This includes the MacBook Pro 2016 and iPhone 7. Don?t fret, as iPad Mini 5 is still expected to be revealed this year, according to experts.

iPad Mini 5?s camera is expected to be similar to iPad Mini 4. A 8-MP main camera and 1.2-MP selfie camera. However, it is expected to have the same 3D Touch feature of iPhone 6s. It enables the user to use ?the pressure on fingers to draw gestures on the screen.

iPad Mini 5 will be called iPad Pro Mini?

Apple is yet to confirm if iPad Mini 5 is really in the works or if it will be renamed to iPad Pro Mini. The release date is unconfirmed but is expected to be later this year, after the release of iPhone 7. The company?s main flagship phone and the center of attraction,

If rumors are true, Apple?s iPhone 7 is expected to compete on LG?s V20?and Samsung?s?Note 7

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