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Apple iPad: Hiding their ‘Secret’ 13″ iPad is a Good Thing?

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The new iPad Air is rumored to be thinner than even the iPad Air 2. [Apple]

Close on the heels of Apple?s trade secrets is the successor to the iPad.

The latest iPad is still enjoying quite the attention, what with the iPad Air still hailed as a classy gadget. In some cases, the iPad Air is also seen as a status symbol?perhaps, the design and the overall look and feel of the gadget is just the thing. However, the iPad Air has been around for too long?at least, in Apple?s standards?and is in need of an overhaul, a re-design, if you will, before the other competitors start catching up?the Samsung Galaxy Tab, perhaps?

There are two articles which we are taking a look at, as per the Apple iPad Air?s successor. This article from The Register UK is one that?s a virtual guessing game. Is the iPad Air?the new one, with the 12? measurement?real or not? Also, here is an article from CNBC, which points out that while delays are generally bad, in Apple?s case, this is essentially a good thing.

Real or Not, will it arrive?

Apple has been making some noise with the MacBook Air, but the iPad isn?t about to be left behind.

Apple?s iPad is still on track for a release, although Apple preferred to neither confirm nor deny the gadget, as per The Register UK. The iPad?s reputation appears to be real, however, as Bloomberg?through The Register?has reported that the pad wouldn?t be coming until September of this year. The gadget has been dubbed Maxi-pad for the sole reason of its size.

Big is better?at least, that?s what Apple says. Even if the iPad will be a big hit among gaming enthusiasts, they?re not the only market Apple is targeting with this gadget. Reportedly, business owners will find the huge iPad a boost to their inventory lists and whatnot.

13-inch iPad Delayed, but still Good News

While the arrival of the iPad is delayed, Apple is still viewing that as a good thing.

From a business perspective, CNBC explained that the delay of the iPad is a good thing. It has something to do with the iPhone, the CNBC article cites. As the iPhone?s popularity wanes, the market is again open for Apple to come up with new products from their factories. While the Apple Watch is arriving sometime soon?and is set to make a splash at Apple?s ?Spring Forward? event?the iPad is still going to make something happen.

It does make sense. As the market demand for the iPhone cools down, the arrival of the iPad should keep Apple?s stocks warm enough for them.

Apple?s plans

A master of making hyped?although fine?gadgets, Apple is still continuing to make wave with timely insertions of their gadgets. As it appears, Apple will enjoy a good 2015, what with the arrival of their latest gadgets. The Apple Watch?and perhaps, the latest iPad version?will be making a splash, if everything goes according to plan.


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