iPad Air 3 Rumors: Upcoming Tablet Expected to Be More Powerful, March 2017 Release Date Likely

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iPad Air 3 Rumors

The iPad Air 3 is one device which many Apple fans have been waiting for. The thin and light tablet has been part of the tech rumors recently with many hoping for the device to be released very soon. If the recent iPad Air 3 rumors are to be believed though, the upcoming gadget could be launched by Apple by March 2017.

The iPad Air product line is long overdue for another release as the current iPad Air 2 was launched way back in October 2014. Many were expecting Apple to launch the iPad Air 3 this year but instead, it launched the 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

iPad Air 3 Release Date

There were rumors that the smaller iPad Pro would be replacing the iPad Air product line. Fans of the iPad Air though will be happy to hear that so far, no news about this has been confirmed. Instead, some iPad Air 3 rumors are saying that the upcoming tablet could be releases by early 2017.

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According to MacWorld UK, one scenario which has been predicted for the iPad Air 3 release is March 2017. This news is certainly music to the ears of many tech fans who have been constantly waiting for updates about the thin and light tablet.

So far, there is still no specific date as to when the iPad Air 3 release will happen. Surely, Apple will likely be making an announcement as to when the launch event will be.

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Earlier this year, Apple held a special media event wherein it launched the iPhone SE last March 31. If Apple will remain consistent with this schedule, expect the iPad Air 3 to be released at or near the same date next year.

More Powerful Than iPad Air 2

The iPad Air 3 is expected to be much more improved as compared to its predecessor. An increase in RAM, storage size and a more powerful processor can be expected by tech fans.

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So, are you excited about the upcoming iPad Air 3 release? Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on this as well as on the other great Apple gadgets releasing soon.

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