Apple iPad Air 3 Release Date, Specs, Features News & Updates: We Might Be Seeing The Last Of The Air Products

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iPad Air 3 Release

The iPad Air 3 is certainly one of the most awaited Apple devices by many tech enthusiasts. The thin and light tablet from Apple has been fairly successful in the past. Now iPad fans are waiting for the next generation of the device. While there have not been many details revealed about the iPad Air 3 release, one very big possibility is that it could be the last of Apple?s Air products.

The iPad Air has been a very successful gadget for Apple thanks in part to consumers wanting a thin and light device. Compared to the original iPad, the iPad Air is much more compact and easier to carry on the go. Sadly, the development of the iPad Mini and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro could mean that the iPad Air 3 could be the last release for the product line.

Apple iPad Air 3 Release Possibly the Last in the Product Line

According to MacWorld UK, there is a possibility that Apple could be killing off the iPad Air product line. The same report mentions that Apple could instead just focus on the 7.9-inch iPad Mini and the iPad Pro devices.

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This is certainly going to be very intriguing if the rumors turn out to be true. The iPad Air has done well in terms of sales though the emergence of the iPad Pro and the iPad Mini has certainly had an impact on it.

While the decision may surprise iPad fans, the Cupertino-based tech giant may be making the right decision. There is certainly very little difference now between the iPad Mini, the iPad Pro and the iPad Air and the latter is unfortunately caught in between.

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iPad Air 3 Release

If Apple is indeed planning on stopping production of the iPad Air, the upcoming iPad Air 3 could be the last generation of the device. The iPad Air 3 release is rumored to be happening sometime in 2017, so Apple fans should watch out for more news about the device.

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Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on the iPad Air 3 release as well as on other great Apple products releasing soon.

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