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Apple iOS App Store Crashes Due to Heavy Super Mario Run Traffic

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Apparently, the recently released Super Mario Run is putting a strain on the Apple iOS App Store. It appears that the customer?s eagerness to play the game is wreaking havoc on Apple Store?s server. As a matter of fact, multiple users have now reported that they?re unable to search or even view certain applications including the whole cause of the issue.

Apple iOS App Store Server is Down!

At the present time, Apple?s system status web page is showing the users a green color which means that it?s working perfectly. However, a large number of complaints on social media regarding Apple Store?s service outages have surfaced. In addition, some people have reported general feature unavailability.

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On the spot tests conducted by AppleInsider showed that the Apple iOS App Store isn?t working as intended. As a matter of fact, AppleInsider stated that the problem is affecting devices on both coasts. In other words, the current availability issues are nationwide.

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At the present time, attempting to access the search function would redirect the user to a landing page which says that the App Store isn?t available and please try again later. As a matter of fact, the same page appears in other areas of App Store as well.

Super Mario Run the Culprit to the issues of Apple iOS App Store?

According to reports, the problem is associated with the recent launch of Nintendo?s much-anticipated release of Super Mario Run. Apparently, the hype of the people ignited the server breakdown when the game was released yesterday. In fact, Apple set up a special notification system which will alert the user when the game is already live.

Under those circumstances, it might be a number of people who tried to download the newly released game all at the same time. On the other hand, Super Mario Run was announced during iPhone 7?s event. In the event, it was also revealed that it was Nintendo?s first attempt to develop a third-party mobile platform game based on one of their famous franchises.

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