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Apple iOS 9 Beta Now Available To The Public: Here?s Why We?re Trying It Out Now

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iOS 9 Update
Apple’s iOS 9 can delete apps to give your gadget space for upgrade.

Apple has recently announced that it is releasing its newest iOS 9 in beta to the public ? a first for the Tech giant who usually introduces their newest operating system only to developers.

By simply going to, users will be able to install the beta version via a similar process of also downloading the OS El Capitan beta to Apple computers. Just follow Apple?s sign up process which will require you to give your Apple ID and enroll your device.

Now even if we?re only seeing iOS 9 beta, we?re still pretty excited to see what it can do, so we?re taking the risk to check out the following features:

iOS 9 can temporarily suspend Apps

Although iOS 9 requires a much lesser space than the mammoth iOS 8, Apple made sure that an option to uninstall some of your apps is available to make way for the upgrade. Don?t worry about losing these apps though ? the system will ask for your permission first and install them again right after.

But if you feel you can add more space manually, you can follow the following suggestions.

What?s more, once the iOS is installed, it will streamline existing apps to make sure you are only getting the features your phone is compatible with ? saving more mobile space.

iOS 9 is more fun with Siri

During the last iOS 8.4 update, Siri made headlines with new, cheekier lines she uses to interact with users. She is also capable of connecting you directly with the recently launched Apple Music. With iOS 9, the virtual assistant is expected to be more proactive ? sending out reminders and messengers based on schedules in your gadget?s calendar. She will also be able to share instructions on the best way to reach destinations as scheduled, and gives you updates on applications you use based on daily pattern.

iOS 9 saves on battery life

Although Samsung and LG phones are first to introduce this feature, we?re still excited to see how much energy can the new OS save. Apple promised as much as three-hour extension battery life with the new OS.

Settings search and lower case keyboard

These are actually very simple features offered once you try the iOS 9, but a lowercase keyboard could mean that you?re sending your messages right, and search settings help you find the function that you need without opening endless folders.

We still get to use our iPhone 4s

This is probably what we?re most excited about. Usually a model gets alienated once a new OS comes out, but with the iOS 9, models as old as the iPhone 4s can upgrade their system with the newest features. Other compatible models include iPad 2, the now defunct iPad mini and iPod touch 5th generation.

So are we signing-up for the beta version? You bet we are! Just a note to the public ? beta requires that you be extra careful when installing the upgrade, so best work with a phone you don?t use as primary source of communication.

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