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Apple iOS 8.3 Brings a New Update for Siri

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Image source Wikimedia Commons By Apple, Inc. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Siri is now much better than before thanks to Apple’s iOS 8.3 update

Siri, Apple?s personal, digital assistant for the iPhone just had its brand new makeover?or at least her voice changed a lot since the previous Apple iOS 8.1, all thanks to the iOS 8.3.

Listen to the subtle but huge difference of Siri from Apple iOS 8.1 and Apple iOS 8.3 comparisons

If you are an Apple iPhone user, chances are you have probably used Siri at least once or twice. In case you haven?t noticed, the previous Siri, from the iOS 8.1 days and below, her voice or rather, her tone is bit more stoic, to say the least.

It doesn?t give you that feeling of talking to a real person. However, thanks to Apple?s iOS 8.3, Siri is bit realistic now than before.

Listen to the difference below, posted on YouTube by Jordan Kahn.

[jwplayer mediaid=”111551″]

The first one was from Siri, pre-update version. After the beep, the new voice for the digital assistant comes in.

According to cbs4indy, this brand new Siri speaks more naturally than the previous one, like as if this was recorded by a real person. Her rhythm or cadence, has greatly improved if you are going to compare it to the older version. Plus, her pitch did also drop at the end of each clause, like what cbs4indy pointed out on their report.

The changes are not just in the way she speaks.?She did also learn a new set of languages including Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Thai and Turkish, as stated on iPhonefaq.

Since this is part of the features you can expect for the iOS 8.3, users who are still using the previous or older version of the operating system won?t be able to experience Siri?s new and improved update.

Other?features for the next iOS update, as posted on iPhonefaq

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

By Apple, Inc. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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