Apple iOS 7.1 Update Available on March

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Apple is rumored to roll out its new iOS 7.1 update on March. According to 9to5Mac, they have heared from reliable sources that the update will be launched at an event next month. People are not expecting radical changes from the iOS 7.1 software update. However, its key features include improved Calendar app, tweaked user interface, bug fixes and increased speed.

Lots of Bug Fixes, Hooray!

It is understandable that users have already become restless for a new maintenance update for the iOS 7. They are waiting for improvements and fixes to finally solve several issues on the recent update. The new update is expected to resolve issues from the previous iOS 7.0.4, which include bugs on text rendering, 32 ? bit apps on a 64 ? bit iPhone 5S, and the iTunes Match library handling.

Users also felt anxious on the random reboots that have been widely reported. The exact cause may be unknown to all, but Apple has stated that they will fix it on the upcoming update. Users are surely looking forward to its release.

Last Major Update for iPhone 4 and iPad 2

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All Apple devices with iOS 7 will enjoy the new 7.1 software update. However, this could be the last major update for both iPhone 4 and iPad 2. Apple has not yet finalized its decision on the two old devices, but the company has a habit of giving three ? year updates before casting them off.

These two old devices have been around since iOS 4, and still sticking around until the iOS 7 update. If Apple will use its habit on phasing out its devices, then the iOS 7.1 update will be the last for these two. However, things will become very interesting should the company decide to cater the iOS 8 to both aging devices.

Changes to See

It is not clear if the iOS in the Car feature will be available on the new update, but there is a big chance that it could debut with it. Users can expect changes in User Interface as Apple is working to unify the design of iOS 7. An addition to the Calendar app has also been made, as well as to the Lock screen, Power Off screen, and the stock keyboard.


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