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iOS 11 Rumors: Release Date and New Features to Come

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Apple iOS 11 Release Date and Features

Over the years, Apple’s iOS has grown into an advanced and sophisticated operating system for mobile devices. Anyone who uses an Apple product would, at some point, have used a version or two of the iOS. The current version, iOS 10, was released last September along with the unveiling of the iPhone 7. This year, there is a high probability that the same thing will happen with the iOS 11.

For the past couple of months now, rumors about the upcoming iPhone 8 have been circulating the Internet. Although not much is said about it, many experts believe that the next iteration of iOS, the iOS 11, will be released along with the phone. In line with this, many are now anticipating as to what new features the next iOS will bring to Apple’s mobile devices.

iOS 11 release date

It has been a tradition for Apple to announce its upcoming products during its Worldwide Developers Conference event. The said event is normally held in June every year. Just like the WWDC event last year, many expect that Apple will unveil iOS 11 in this year’s conference.

Apple iOS 10 User Interface

iOS 10 User Interface (via

Following the announcement will be the official release of iOS 11. The actual release, much like the announcement, is quite easy to predict. Normally, Apple products get released three months after the official WWDC announcement. That being said, consumers can expect the iOS 11 to be released some time in September. The same time as the iPhone 8 official release.

iOS 11 features

According to Macworld, iOS 9 marks the new lifecycle for Apple’s iOS. Instead of doing major updates, the company is now giving small improvements on the operating system in every releases. This has something to do with the fact that, over the years, iOS has properly matured into a stable and feature-rich operating system. The need to make it interesting can be supplicated with minuscule improvements released on a regular basis. Nevertheless, users are still expecting some changes to be had for the upcoming iOS update.

Among the most requested feature for iOS is the “dark mode”. This feature is taken from Android devices and makes use of the fact that energy can be saved by making the main user interface darker. This, in effect, leaves only colors apart from black to be rendered on the screen. While many swear by it, the energy saving can only be achieved with OLED panels since these displays do not have in-built backlighting. That being said, the rumors of the iPhone 8 implementing OLED displays makes this feature somewhat reasonable.

Apart from this, most improvements would focus on the general aesthetics of the user interface. Apple could finally include an option to customize themes instead of the preprogrammed iOS themes. Furthermore, tools like the on-screen keyboard is also open for improvements. For more updates on iOS 11, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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