Apple’s iOS 10 Could Make 200,000 Apps Obsolete

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iOS 11 will make 200000 apps obsolete

Apple is now in the cusp of another major iOS update. While the current version, iOS 10.3, is now in beta, the upcoming iOS 11 is now under development. The new iOS is almost near its completion. In fact, it has been discovered that Apple is already testing the new iOS within its Cupertino headquarters. While this may sound good, quite sadly, iOS 11 could potentially bring an end to about 200,000 apps on the Apple App Store.

According to a report by Mashable, nearly 200,000 apps will become obsolete once the iOS 11 is released. This is because these applications are not compatible with the upcoming 64-bit operating system.

For years, Apple has urged its developers to start using the 64-bit designs on their apps. However, it seems like not all of them listened. In the latest beta version of the iOS, users are being warned if their apps are showing signs of incompatibility. The current beta version, iOS 10.3, is now being tested by participants of Apple’s beta testing program. Some of them have reported that some of the applications get notifications of incompatibility with future iOS versions.

iOS 11 will make 200000 apps obsolete

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Perhaps the problem lies with the implementation. When Apple introduced the 64-bit iOS back in 2013, it did not require developers to use 64-bit designs. That came through a few years later when Apple started nagging app developers to adopt the new structure. However, adoption has been slow on the part of developers. This in turn forces Apple to implement a system-wide update on the iOS 11.

As mentioned, around 200,000 apps will be affected by the update. Whether or not these apps will get an update prior to the release of iOS 10, nobody really knows. However, some big developers have already started migrating to the new iOS design standards.

At the moment, Apple is yet to comment on the official release of iOS 11. Right now, the company has been seen testing the new iOS version on new iPad Pro models. It is possible that it may get announced sometime in June this year for a possible release in September. For more updates on Apple iOS 11, be sure to check out TheBitbag.

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