iOS 11 Update: How to Install and Avoid Some Pitfalls

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Apple has officially announced the iOS 11 yesterday during the opening of the WWDC 2017 event. Furthermore, the tech company has also confirmed that the developer beta of the mobile operating system is not available for download.

For someone who has a developer account with Apple, downloading the new iOS 11 is as easy as logging into the App Store. However, for those who are not into developing for iOS devices, there is still a way of doing so.

Installing iOS 11 developer beta with Apple developer account

As mentioned, installing Apple’s latest developer beta version of iOS 11 is very easy. One only needs to log in to his or her Apple developer account, click the download icon and viola. In a few minutes or so, iOS 11 will download and install to your iOS device.

Before you proceed with the installation

Users should note that installing the iOS 11 developer beta on a device is a rather risky move. For one, since the firmware version is still in beta, it means that it is still riddled with bugs.

Some of these bugs may cause the device’s battery to drain for now apparent reason, inadvertently reset, and app crashes. In worse case scenarios, bugs on beta firmware can cause total corruption of storage that leads to loss of data. That is why for anyone thinking of installing the latest version of iOS, data backup is a must.

Another thing worth mentioning about iOS 11 is the fact that is does not run 32-bit applications anymore. So, for users who installed that new beta release, be prepared to not be able to use some unsupported apps.

Install iOS 11 without Apple developer account

Apple’s Craig Federighi discussing the Files app for iOS 11 (via arstechnica.com)

One more thing

Unfortunately, as iOS 11 signals the end of an era for 32-bit applications, this means that the new mobile operating system is not compatible for some of Apple’s older hardware.

For mobile devices like the iPhone, support starts with the iPhone 5s. Both the iPhone 5 and 5c are unsupported since both phones sport 32-bit ARM application processors. There will be no way of running iOS 11, at least for the time being, on these phones due to their internal architecture.

In addition to the iPhone 5 and 5c, some iPads will also not be supported on iOS 11. Any iPad older than the iPad mini 2 will not be able to upgrade to the new iOS. Lastly, only the most recent iPod touch device is supported by the update. Again, any device older than the ones mentioned will not be able to run iOS 11 so there is really no point in trying.

Installing without Apple developer account

In case you really want to install the new iOS on your device but you do not have an Apple developer account, there is simply solution that you can follow.

It should be noted that this technique installs a profile to the target device. Whether this profile is harmful or not, user discretion is advised.

To install the iOS 11 developer beta, open the link from your iOS device’s Safari browser. This will then prompt the user about the profile installation. Click on install and restart the target device. Once it restarts, it will then proceed in installing the latest iOS beta firmware. For those who are still confused, check out the video below.

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