iOS 10 Jailbreak From Luca Todesco Release Soon, Here’s How To Download And Install

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iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool

Luca Todesco has made his name in the jailbreaking circuit. He was one of the first few hackers to tear open Apple?s latest iOS 10 mere days after release. At the time, Todesco did not elaborate on the iOS 10 jailbreak procedure that he employed. Instead he posted a perfunctory video just to prove that he indeed performed a jailbreak on iOS 10. Furthermore, he also did not specify whether or not he will make the tool available for the mass iOS users. However, recent Twitter posts revealed that he is gearing up for an iOS jailbreak tool release sometime this year.

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In a recent tweet, Todesco mentioned that he will release a jailbreak tool for all iOS 10 users. Unfortunately, the tool will only work for iOS 10.1.1. The current iOS 10.2 release is somewhat more difficult to jailbreak, according to Todesco?s tweet. This is why he warned other jailbreakers to stay with iOS 10.1.1 if they still want to jailbreak their iPhones.

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A thread in Google?s Project Zero forum has highlighted the steps in how to jailbreak an iPod Touch or iPad Mini 2 running on iOS 10.1.1. Unfortunately, the steps given will require someone to have prior coding experience. The procedures highlighted are quite involved and would definitely need some serious tools to get done. However, according to Todesco, he will build on whatever this Google Project Zero thread has and release a jailbreak tool. Bad news is, there is no clarity on when this will be. All Todesco said is that he ?might? release it to iOS users.

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For those who are waiting for the jailbreak tool, there is an off chance that Todesco will post the tool on his own website. Other sources like Cydia and Pangu are also possible to hold the jailbreak.

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