Apple iOS 10.3 Developers Beta Releasing This Month; Users to Finally Get ‘Dark Mode’

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Apple iOS 10.3

One of the most popular mobile operating system is finally getting a ?dark mode.? For years, users have begged the Cupertino company to release the iOS that features a night or ?dark? mode. However, Apple has been quite adamant about its decisions regarding its products. Fortunately, it seems like the iOS will finally have the feature on the upcoming iOS 10.3 release.

According to a recent post, Apple will likely release the Developer Beta version of iOS in the next couple of weeks. The iOS 10.3 will mark one of the biggest changes on the mobile operating system to date.

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Twitter user Sonny Dickson claims that the upcoming iOS 10.3 beta will be released on January 10. Also, the new version will feature a ?theater mode? as well as a popcorn-shaped Control Center icon. Many have speculated that this will be the dark mode or the night mode for iOS. Unfortunately, Dickson did not clarify his post regarding the matter.

Many iPhone and iPad users have been requesting for Apple to provide a night mode feature on the iOS. However, the company does not seem to be the relenting type for many years. Because of this, many have resorted to jailbreaking tools that can provide theme customizations to their iOS devices.

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However, since the release of the iOS 10, hackers and jailbreakers have been having much difficulty in releasing jailbreaking tools. In fact, the most stable current jailbreak tool so far is for the iOS 9.3.5. Even the iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak tool is still plagued with bugs and is still waiting for the stable version.

Many Android users have touted Google?s efforts to make its mobile operating system open to anyone who can modify it. And, the most used feature of the said OS is its night mode as it saves power during prolonged usage.

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By darkening the screen, it limits the use of most of the screen pixels and save a bit on the battery. Having the same feature on the iPhone or iPad will be a good option for all of the iOS users.

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