Apple’s iOS 10.3 New APFS Can Free Up As Much As 7.8GB of Storage Space In Your iPhone

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iOS 10.3 saves storage space with new APFS

Apple just released another incremental update for the iOS. The iOS 10.3 signifies Apple’s jump to 64-bit mobile computing in addition to the new filing system. While many are experiencing long install times, users should be glad to know that the new Apple File System on iOS 10.3 can save them as much as 7.81GB of storage.

According to the tests done by Apple Insider, the new firmware update, apart from introducing a new filing system, can also maximize storage formatting on an iOS device. A top-tier iPhone 7 Plus containing thousands of files and hundreds of apps managed to reclaim as much as 7.81GB after iOS 10.3 installation. Furthermore, the storage capacity also jumped from 248.5GB to 252.14GB, a 3.64GB difference.

Other iOS 10.3 features

In addition to the space saving feature of the new APFS on iOS 10.3, the new firmware also packs in a few more much needed tweaks. For instance, Most of the app animations are now much more responsive and smooth. This is mainly because developers shortened the animation time to reduce file sizes.

iOS 10.3 saves storage space with new APFS

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iOS 10.3 also includes new features for Siri, support for locating lost Apple AirPods, and CarPlay features. The Settings app also received a revamp in the newest iOS update.

New Apple File System

As mentioned earlier, iOS 10.3 introduced the new Apple Filing System for iOS. This is a major upgrade from the previous HFS+ used on both iOS and macOS devices. Apart from being more efficient in formatting storage, the new filing system also supports 64-bit computing. That means it can keep track of around 9 quintillion files in one volume storage.

Unfortunately, the update also meant that old 32-bit applications on the iOS will no longer be supported. In fact, iOS 10.3 now warns users if they are using a 32-bit app. Also, having a 64-bit file system could also mean that iPhones older than the 5s will not be able to get the update. This is because anything older than the iPhone 5s uses either a 16-bit or 32-bit ARM processor. For more updates on iOS 10.2, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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