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Apple iOS 10.2 Release Date, Features, Download: Possible Issues, Problems Based On Beta Update

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iOS 10.2 Update

A couple of days ago, Apple released the 7th iteration of iOS 10.2 for the public beta test. Along with it, Apple has added a few add-ons and bug fixes for common issues. Furthermore, the tech giant also added some new apps in the upcoming update.

Current iOS 10.1.1 users have been experiencing some battery drain issues lately, especially on the iPhone 6s. Some owners have reported that their handsets abruptly shut down when the battery level reaches 30 percent. So far, no one has been able to answer as to why this is happening, not even Apple. Fortunately, the bug fix for the battery issue will also come with the latest firmware update.

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In addition to the bug fix, Apple has added a bunch of new features on the upcoming iOS 10.2 version. On top of the list is the new ?Preserve Settings? feature that saves the camera?s previous settings like mode and filter.

iOS 10 Portrait Mode

iOS 10 Portrait Mode for iPhone 7 Plus (via

Apple also threw in a bunch of new emojis. Now frustrated users can send face palms in messages as well as shrugs.

A new app, the TV app, was also added by Apple on the new firmware update. This new app will let users watch streaming services like HBO Now, CBS, Hulu, and other available video streaming services.

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The firmware update will also include the updates from iOS 10.1.1, particularly the Portrait Mode for the iPhone 7 Plus. Some bug fixes were also given to the message reply function from the previous release.

Finally, Apple also added a couple of messaging effects as well as a few new wallpapers. iOS 10.2 now features Love and Celebration messaging effect for the Messages app.

The 7th public beta of iOS 10.2 is now available for download on the Apple App Store. Of course, one must register to the Apple Beta Software Program first before downloading the update. The official iOS 10.2 public release is expected to take place sometime before the end of the year.

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