Artificial Intelligence: Apple Putting Its Pennies Where It Matters

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Artificial Intelligence

When Apple unveiled Siri, its digital personal assistant for the iPhone, the world was in awe. Everyone wanted a piece of the action. Years later, unfortunately, it has become a bit dumb. In comparison to current AI or artificial intelligence engines from Google, Microsoft and Amazon, Siri has become sub par.

However, in recent months, Apple has been putting all its efforts to regaining the momentum that it lost over the years.

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To date, Apple has acquired three startup companies specializing in machine learning. The first one was in 2015 with Perceptio. Perceptio specializes in developing image classification techniques on mobile devices. The startup company brags about minimal data use in its AI engine.

It was then followed by two more acquisitions in 2016, Turi and Tuplejump.

Turi is a toolkit provider for machine learning models. It provides toolkits that include selection of modules, machine learning visualizations, and automatic feature engineering. It has designed artificial intelligence-based applications used in fraud detection software.

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The most recent acquisition, Tuplejump, develops applications for big data manipulation. These data are, most of the time, cloud-based. Tuplejump creates tools to make processing of large quantities of data easier and simpler.

On top of the machine learning company acquisitions, Apple has hired a new director of operation for AI research. The Cupertino-based tech company just hired Carnegie-Mellon University researcher Russ Salakhutdinov.

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Salakhutdinov has worked with MIT and University of Toronto on neural networks essential to voice and image recognition. He has also done some research for Google, Microsoft and Samsung. Most of his published articles are based extensively on neural networks. Neural networks is a branch of artificial intelligence dealing with voice and voice and image recognition.

Tech companies right now are slowly acknowledging the importance of machine learning. Since the introduction of Siri, other companies have started to follow suit. Google has its Google assistant, Microsoft its Cortana, and Amazon with its Alexa.

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