Apple Might Fall Short With iMac Pro Performance Specs

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Apple may fall short with iMac Pro specs promise

Back in June, Apple announced that is will release an iMac targeted to the professionals, the iMac Pro. During the WWDC 2017 event, Apple announced the new iMac model to carry the mantle of high-performance with is processor that is capable of 4.5GHz clock and a total of 18 physical cores. Unfortunately, it seems like the company might fall short with this promise as Intel launches its newest line of Xeon processors.

Yesterday, Intel launched another batch of its Skylake-SP processors that are based on the new “Purley” architecture. Unfortunately, the Xeon processors with the highest turbo clock are the Xeon Gold 6146 and 6144. These two processors run at a maximum clock of 4.2GHz with a base clock of 3.2 and 3.5GHz for the 6146 and 6144, respectively.

To make matters worse, the 6146 only has 12 physical cores instead of 18. In the Apple lineup, the base configuration of the iMac Pro will have an 8-core processor. The mid-range, however, will have ten. Finally, the top-of-the-line configuration will have a maximum of 18 cores. So far, the Intel Xeon Gold 6144 fits the bill, at least with the number of cores per chip.

Apple may fall short with iMac Pro specs promise

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On the other hand, Pike’s Universum claims that based on the information dug up from the macOS High Sierra, the iMac Pro will be based on Intel’s LGA3547 socket. This type of socket belongs to only the server class Xeon processors that are under the Purley architecture.

That in mind, it is possible that the lineup that Intel released belongs only to the Skylake-EP family. Perhaps later this year, the chip maker will release more server-grade processor that are under the Purley architecture. Besides, since Apple announced that the iMac Pro will release in December, there are still many months between now and the official product launch.

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